H.S.H. Gianni Rolando

Prince of San Bernardino

Rolando-5-vert-201x300The history is there to prove all the time , does not exist State whose roots sink on a land bathed in blood. Wars of conquest or liberation. Wherever you look at the situation, each State has an origin bloody. History is now writing a new chapter. For the first time, here is a State that was born peacefully, on the basis of agreement with goals/objectives that reflect the reality of a world without boundaries.

The Principality of San Bernardino (P. of S.B.) is all this and more. It is designed to operate as intelligent State, there are no formulas as or prescribed prescriptions to its population but it is given an opportunity to be, to think and act freely. The Principality of San Bernardino is now what the new world had represented centuries ago, not only a new social economic and cultural policy frame work, but completely a new State of mind of the global population, lover of freedom united in a completely new form of politics for their own will.

The Principality of San Bernardino is the second homeland for the current population, which is devoted to not repeat the mistakes made by their respective political environments.  The experience and knowledge of the history of their people is solid ground for the process of State-building of the first intelligent State in today’s world. The Principality of San Bernardino.

The Principality of San Bernardino reflects in everything its origin unique. It refers to the older solid and vital values of Chivalry Medieval (art. 13 of the Constitution) such as moral excellence, the defence of the weak and needy, the truth the fight against the oppressors, honour courage loyalty and clemency. It combines these historical values, however the knowledge and the tools of the twenty-first century (such as for example telemedicine the fight against the desertification, etc…).

The Principality of San Bernardino is the most modern State in the world. In the age of globalization, it does not have “boundaries” because its own territory or better, its own territories are located in areas, (especially islands) abandoned or neglected by their former sovereign States and from these it has obtained property rights extraterritorial. The P. of S.B. is really, therefore the first International State, better still intercontinental. It has or will have territories in all five continents. It can’t therefore be identified with any race, religion, potency or political bloc. Thanks to its unique nature, the P. of S.B. is allowed to live its special vocation which is not to be oriented to its own internal, to their own interests to its own power. Conversely the P. of S.B. has a vocation to other countries. Its aspiration is to work with each country (art. 14 of the Constitution and art. 2 of the Statute of the Foundation of the P. of S.B.) to spread peace in the world, to intervene bringing aid in the case of natural disasters or disasters caused by man, give aid to refugees, spread the art-practices and health systems. Particular attention is then allocated to new generations, because they can live in a world that is more humane, in which they can find employment opportunities and develop their aspirations.

The Principality of San Bernardino is born free from many of the ills that plague almost every country, every culture. The P. of S.B. is not under the yoke of a public debt that devours the wealth of its/their citizens, nor a flood of laws, which instead of protecting its citizens, restricts their/its freedom. Even the choice of form policy, a constitutional monarchy, avoids the excessive centralization of power of an absolute Monarchy and on the other hand the paralysis, the contradictory, the dispersion typical of a republican form.

Here comes our most sincere “Welcome to the world”, to all those countries that have begun to collaborate with us and to those ones that will join us in this great and common effort to make really the land our Common Land.

His Serene Highness
Gianni Rolando
Prince of San Bernardino


The Principality of San Bernardino, during this time of transition, is using this commercial website while we obtain our official government (.gov website extension) through ICANN. The Principality’s state recognition by 122 countries within the UN general assembly will conclude shortly.


The Principality of San Bernardino espouse the principles of the General Conference that the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture has expressed in the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural Heritage and the World, signed in Paris in 1972 between member countries.
Being the islands of the Principality of San Bernardino to be considered “natural heritage” and so as according to the Paris Convention is to be deemed natural monuments consist of physical and biological formations or groups of such formations of outstanding universal value-looking aesthetic or scientific.

December 19, 2011: Birth of the island
September 30, 2013: Birth Principality
December 21, 2013: Signing of the Constitution and the birth of the 1st Government of the Principality
20 May: Liturgical Memory National Day
May 24: Canonization of San Bernardino and Birthday Prince

Il Principato di San Bernardino fa suoi i principi della Conferenza generale dell’Organizzazione delle Nazioni Unite per l’educazione, la scienza e la cultura ed espressi nella convenzione riguardante la protezione sul piano mondiale del patrimonio culturale e mondiale, siglata a Parigi nel 1972 tra i paesi aderenti. Essendo a pieno titolo le isole del Principato di San Bernardino da considerarsi «patrimonio naturale» , che secondo la Convezione di Parigi sono da intendersi i monumenti naturali costituiti da formazioni fisiche e biologiche o da gruppi di tali formazioni di valore universale eccezionale dall’aspetto estetico o scientifico.